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Heroic Pit Bulls -  Features pit bulls who have acted in a heroic manner.

Positive Pit Bull Press -  In this section you will find various news articles showing our dogs in a positive manner,  responsible articles that are factual, items that help us in our effort to educate the public.

Legislative  -  News stories that we find with factual information on canine legislation.

Breed Information -  Articles with factual information regarding the bully breeds.

Informational -  Articles we find interesting and informative that don't fit into other catagories.

All dogs can Bite - Here we maintain a list of the stories we can find relating to dog bites.  The media focuses on pit bull related incidents and ignores for the most part incidents involving other breeds. 

Inaccurate Media -  Quotes from media reports that are inaccurate, and our comments on the statements, correct information.

Media Biased - Stores that show media bias against bully breeds.

Mistaken Identity - Stories reported as pit bulls and they were not pit bulls.  In most cases the media doesn't cover the corrected breed identifications.






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