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Wins against Breed Specific Legislation - 2011


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Location Month Status
Moses Lake, WA Oct Repeals BSL
Charles County, MD Oct Votes NO to BSL!
Morgan County, UT  Oct Removes breed specific language
Vancouver, WA Jul Opts against BSL
Springfield, Winnipeg, CA Feb Scraps BSL
Sterling Heights, MI Feb Opts against BSL
Ogden, UT Jan Opts against BSL
Smithville, Oh Jan Opts against BSL
Dearborn, MI Jan Pursuing non breed specific law
Cypress, CA Jan Opts against BSL
Aberdeen, SD Mar Voted against BSL
OK SB 362 Mar died in committee
Mexico, Missouri Mar Went with non BSL updates
Rochester hills, MI Mar council unanimously votes for breed neutral law.
Beatrice, NE April Votes against BSL
Port Moody Canada April No to BSL
Santa Clara County, CA April No to BSL
Jasper, AL June Mayor says no BSL
Bay County, MI June Breed Neutral







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