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Fighting Breed Specific Legislation...

Every responsible dog owner needs to stand up and fight against BSL!  Remember, it could be you next time!  If you don't think so, take a look at the BSL that Italy passed last year against 92 breeds of dog!  If you choose to walk a Corgi or Border Collie in public they have to be muzzled as they are considered dangerous.  In the Bahamas they passed restrictions against many large breed dogs.  It doesn't matter what breed of dog you own, you can easily with one incident become a target.


Research and Information     |     Alternatives     |   Help Fighting BSL


Research and Information

The information contained in these links and pages can be used to educate Legislators and Council members.  It's a good idea for you to read thru them and learn the information.  It will help you to speak out against BSL with some facts and statistics.

Who has BSL?

Research Data and Statistics

Facts for BSL Letters

BSL Alerts

BSL Wins

Breeds targeted by BSL


BSL Court Cases

All Dogs Bite (News reports)

BSL Position Statements

Incidents where the dog was mis-identified and the press reported the mistake.

CDC Fatal Dog Attack Report,  The truth behind the report.  Things every Legislator and Reporter MUST know!!
Fatal dog attack information
News articles,  setting the record straight!

Alternatives to BSL

When you are fighting BSL it's always best to be prepared to offer good alternatives to legislators.  

Good Dog Laws

Bite Prevention

Fighting BSL

Things to help you fight BSL in your community. 

Sample Letters

Flyers for fighting BSL - Hang in stores to educate people

Creating A BSL Educational Packet for Council members and Legislators.

Fatal Dog Presentation,   A 16 page PDF file that shows breeds involved in fatal attacks and some statistics about dog attacks

Dog bite Prevention Flyer - List of programs for communities looking to reduce dog bites and create a safer community.




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