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City State Status BSL
State of CO Confirmed HB1279 Passes - Prohibits BSL in State!
Aurora CO Confirmed Presa Canario, American Bull Dog,Dogo Argentino,Toso Inu,Cane Corsa, pit bulls

Banned, existing dogs are grandfathered.

Castle Rock CO Confirmed pit bulls


CO Confirmed Ban on Pit Bulls, grandfather clause with ridiculous requirements
Denver CO Confirmed Ban on Pit Bulls (Being fought in court)
Ft. Collins (Home owners Association, not a City) CO Discussing Pit bull ban
Ft. Lupton CO Confirmed Pit bulls Banned
Hayden CO Being dicussed (11/11)  
Greely CO Being Discussed  
Lone Tree CO Unconfirmed pit bulls
La Junta CO Didn't Pass!  
Louisville CO Unconfirmed pit bulls
Parachute CO Being Discussed (12/07)  
Thorton CO Discussing Ban on pits





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