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City State Status BSL
Atkins IA Confirmed  
Alburnett IA Confirmed Pit Bulls defined as dangerous
Anamosa IA Confirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Belle Plain IA Confirmed Pit bulls
Benton County IA Confirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Blairstown IA Confirmed pit bulls
Buffalo Center IA Confirmed Pit bulls
Camanche IA Being discussed (11/07)  
Cedar Rapids IA VOTED NO to BSL  updated 10/07
Clarence IA Confirmed pit bulls
Conrad IA Unconfirmed Banned Rotties
Council bluffs IA Confirmed Banned pit bulls
Coutier IA Unconfirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Carter Lake IA Confirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Dallas Center IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Dakota City IA Confirmed Pit bulls and Rotties
Des Moines IA Confirmed

Being Discussed (07/09 - Full breed ban)

Pit Bulls are defined as vicious and require special license requirements. 
Dexter IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Donnellson IA Confirmed Pit Bulls and Rotties
Dumont IA Confirmed Pit bulls
Durant IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Earlham IA Being Discussed (08/12)  
Eddyville IA Being Discussed (12/07) Pit bull ordinance
Fairfax IA Confirmed pit bulls
Fairfield IA Confirmed Restrictions on Pit Bulls, Rotties, Dobes, Huskys, Malamutes, GSDs,  Malanois AND ANY dog over 100lbs!!!
Forest City IA Confirmed Unsure
Freemont IA Confirmed banned Pitbulls (2/8)
Garrison IA Confirmed pit bulls
Gliddon IA Confirmed  
Hiawatha IA Confirmed pit bulls
Hopkinton IA Being discussed (3/11)  
Keystone IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Lake Mills IA Unconfirmed Banned apbt, amstaffs, rotties and mixes of the above.
Logan IA Being discussed (12/08)  
Lockridge IA Unconfirmed Banned Pit Bulls & Rotties
Luzerne IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Marion IA Being Discussed  
Marchalltown IA Being Discussed (10/07)  
Miles IA Confirmed Banned pit bulls
Mt. Auburn IA Confirmed  
Mt. Pleasant IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
Monticello IA Confirmed pit bulls
Muscatain IA Confirmed Banned new Pit Bulls, owners can keep dogs with restrictions.
Newhall IA Confirmed  
North Liberty IA VOTED NO to BSL  updated 10/07
Norway IA Confirmed Pit bulls
Olin IA Confirmed pit bulls
Oxford Junction IA Confirmed pit bulls
Ottumwa IA Confirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Palo IA Confirmed pit bulls
Pocohontas IA Confirmed Banned Pit Bulls
Rake IA   Unknown
Rockwell IA Unconfirmed Unknown
Scarville IA   Unknown
Shellsburg IA Confirmed pit bulls
Sioux IA Confirmed Pit bull ban
Sigourney IA Confirmed Ban on Pitbulls, Rotties no grandfather clause for existing dogs
Spencer IA Being Discussed (08/08)  
Spirit Lake IA Confirmed (08/08) Restrictions on Pit Bulls
Thompson IA   Unknown
Urbana IA Confirmed Pit bulls
Van Home IA Confirmed pit bulls
Vinton IA Confirmed  
Walford IA Confirmed  
Wapello IA Confirmed Banned, Amstaffs, Staffs, and Bull Terriers.  BUT it's OK to have an APBT.
Waterloo IA Being Discussed (02/08) Proposed ordinance outlining a list of potentially dangerous dog breeds --- pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, wolf hybrids, chows, Doberman pinschers and others ---
Watkins IA Confirmed Pit Bulls
West Liberty IA Being discussed (9/08) WARNING - There is NO grandfather clause, if passed all pit bulls will have to leave the city or be killed
Wilton IA Unconfirmed Unknown
Winterset IA Unconfirmed Unknown
Yale IA Confirmed Banned, pit bulls, English mastiffs, Rotties and Dobermans





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