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City State Status BSL
Amesbury MA


Boston MA Confirmed Restrictions, Muzzles in public, Sign on your home.  (Official Letter)  (Pit Bull License)
Canton MA Confirmd Restrictions on pit bulls
Everett MA Confirmed Restrictions on Pit Bulls
Gloucester MA Being Discussed  
Haverhill MA Confirmed Restrictions on Pit bulls,  must be muzzled, leashed or in a pen when outside.
Holyoke MA Confirmed  
Lynn MA Confirmed ban / restrictions in light of a couple of incidents.  This city tried this 15 yrs ago passed a law and were taken to court and lost.
Lowell MA Being discussed (5/11)  
Malden MA 04/03/2012

 the ordinance requires visiting and newly obtained ”pit bulls” to wear muzzles whenever they are outside (including on private property), but registered “pit bulls” will be grandfathered in and will not have to wear muzzles.

Medway MA Confirmed Restrictions on Pit Bulls - Muzzles in Public
Rockland MA Unconfirmed Pit Bulls
Rockport MA Unconfirmed Restrictions
Salem MA Unconfirmed  
Wareham MA Being Discussed (05/12)  
Worchester MA Confirmed Restrictions





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