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In order to be more effective we are collecting contact information for BSL fighters.  We need to all unite in order to continue winning our right to keep our dogs safe and free of BSL.  By signing up we hope to organize better and be able to ensure everyone knows what is happening in communities within their area.  We can unite owners within the same communities so you can work together to get flyers up, people to attend meetings, petitions, etc.


This is NOT just for pit bull owners.  This is for ALL responsible dog owners who want to ensure they maintain their right to own the breed of their choice.   Breeds that are currently targeted by BSL in the United States.


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Breed(s) you own

Are you willing to attend council meetings in your area?



Are you willing to be a point person to organize local efforts should BSL come to an area near you?  

We highly recommend joining these two BSL groups so we can all unite and be kept in the loop of the BSL fight.  We need owners of all breeds to join the fight against BSL.  We need strong non breed specific laws that hold owners accountable!

BSL Updates:  This is an alert group, the oldest BSL list around!  This is used only to send alerts about proposed BSL.

Fight BSL:  This is an interactive group where we share ideas for fighting BSL and ways to prevent BSL.



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