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Show Pit Bulls are productive in society .. 

If your pit bull holds any titles, certifications, etc and you would like to share the dogs picture and titles, please email a picture of your dog and what titles they hold to:  fightbsl@understand-a-bull.com .

I would like to put together a page showing pit bulls that are certified canine therapy dogs, narcotics, SAR, fly ball, obedience, etc.  Lets show them what the REAL pit bull is all about!


Dakota Blue - Canine Good Citizen - CGC

Maxine a Canine Good citizen

  Mookie a Canine Good Citizen
Meet Target  (Mostlygold On the Mark CL1, CL2, CL3-H, CL3-R, PK1, PJ1). She was found running in the streets on a very cold December day about 5 years ago. She was only 5 weeks old at the time.  She is my second rescue pittie and lives with several golden retrievers and my cat. I train and run her in agility and we are starting in obedience soon. She currently runs in CPE, USDAA and NADAC agility and has many titles. She is very sweet, as you can tell from the pictures and everyone who meets her falls in love. 
Intrepid:  (I'm the one with white )My oldest, he's 7 1/2!  He is a staffordshire bull terrier and he lives for food, a tennis ball, and all the attention he can possibly get from everyone!!  He participates in flyball, agility fun matches/high jump, he's a patron for Detroit Piston's basketball demos as well as Detroit Shock and several other half time shows we've participated in including county fairs etc, and he is currently working on his CGC and very soon his therapy dog title.  In flyball he holds his Onyx award, but he just does it for fun now in his older years.  His favorite past time is swimming and chewing on balls! 

Suspect (I'm on the left) is my next, he's 4 1/2 years old. A mix between the staffie and the border collie, he is one of the fastest dogs in flyball on our team, Rude Dogs.  He is on the world record holding team, and has accumulated several titles almost to his Onyx award.  He is currently in training for schutzhund and his CGC, also moving quickly towards his therapy dog title. 

Techa, he's a 2 year old pitbull terrier.  Techa has more recetly started his career in flyball, currently holding his flight level 1, and quickly moving forward.  He has completed several obedience classes and progressing nicely. 
Hustler (I'm at the top mostly black)  is my youngest at 10months.  He's still my baby and is in training for flyball, agility,

and obedience, only a few more months and he'll be ready to compete!! 

Mindy Lou is a little over a year.  I found her at the pound and she'd been there for five days.  She is such a ham, and a perfect dog around kids and other animals.  She passed her CGC with flying colors on 10/24/2007, and we will be starting with agility in a few weeks. 


Budda got his CGC and therapy dog title through TDI when he was just over a year old.

Moose was adopted when she was about 6 months old from Annie's Orphans in Gaithersburg, MD. She is now 2.5 years old and is my pride and joy!  She has passed her CGC test, and is a certified therapy dog with People Animals Love in Washington, DC. She visits retirement homes and hospitals in the DC area. I will gladly provide more info if necessary.

Grace is a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier from the Brown County Humane Society in Indiana.  Grace was overbred and left for dead with her mixed breed puppies at the Humane Society. She won the staff over, so they kept her long past her scheduled “last day.”  We thankfully stopped into the shelter looking for a sweet, athletic dog.  We fell in love with Gracie right away.  She recently received her CGC title and will be starting a pre-novice obedience class soon.  Her new canine brother Dixon is a Katrina rescue and also an APBT mix.  He will start obedience next month.  He should be CGC titled by summer 2006.  We’re planning on trying local obedience trials in the summer.  They also will be ambassador dogs for My Dog Votes-Kansas City, so will be going to schools, parades, and pet expos.

My name is kelly. this is mike, my APBT. he was a stray, that no one ever claimed, and we were just *fostering* him <wink-wink> until we realized that we could not live without him, so he stayed with us. he has taken his basic obedience, and almost got first place (dang dog just would not stay in that down!) but did get second place. pretty impressive, anyhow, since he had only been with us for a few months. we are currently working on getting our CGC, and also mike is being trained for SAR. currently, he is being trained for air scenting, and once certified in that, he will begin cadaver work. he is such a joy, and he brings a smile to everyone's face who meets him. maybe someday, when he is old and retired, we will do therapy work, as well. we feel very blessed, and are doing everything in our power to fight BSL, and the ignorance that comes with it.


Splash has her CGC title and has graduated from advanced obedience and is in training for thrapy dog and to be a dockdog.She is 7 mos old.and lives with dogs, cats, and a bird.and plays well with all of them

I have a very special DEAF pit bull girl named Piglet who not only earned her CGC last year, but she helps other dogs earn theirs by acting as a neutral dog in our club's testing process. I teach puppy classes, and I use her as a demo dog and to socialize with the puppies.
I also have a prepared program which I do for small organizations like Ladies' Home Circle and Woman's Clubs about the breed, and she is my demo dog for those - she'll sit or lay quietly by my side while I give a 30-45 minute talk, then I give people the opportunity to meet her.
She has been a tremendous breed ambassador!

Sensational Ruff 'n' Rumble holds the following titles:

CGC - AKC title 

         FD, FDCh, FDX, FM - Flyball titles
Delta Society Pet Partner - not a title, but we are registered as a therapy dog/handler team.
Rufus, he is a American Pit bull terrier mix, almost 3 years old, and has been doing therapy work for one year now.. He has his CGC and Therapy dog title with Bright &Beautiful Therapy Dogs. He goes to the local hospital 3 times a month, and the local nursing home once a month.. He loves everyone and all other dogs. He is a lover of humans and other dogs, and lives with 2 other dogs. Rufus recently earned his TT!!
Phoenix has her CGC overcoming incredible odds as an abandoned, abused dog.  She accompanies me to many public educational events such as the Boston Pet Expo, Pet Rock, Paws in the Park. 
My dog Gypsy (rescued pit cross) has her "United Companion Dog" title with the United Kennel Club (UKC), as well as her "Novice Agility" Title with the North American Dog Agility Club (NADAC). We live in the Yukon, in Canada and Gypsy is the only pitbull in our area who's shown up to competitions. Pitties make fabulous obedience, agility and rally obedience dogs! We have also done demonstrations on Clicker Training and other positive training methods, which I use Gypsy as my demonstration dog.
Samantha and Sydney.  They have their CGC, TT (from ATTS) and are certified therapy dogs.
This is Reggie CGC, he is a pit bull mix. He has earned his CGC title, and has graduated from both beginner and advanced obedience. He is currently working on his Level 3 Agility class. He continues to do obedience, just for fun and to keep him working, and hopefully one day he will compete in agility trials. He absolutely LOVES both obedience and agility! He is extra special because he was adopted from a high kill shelter at nine months old. At that shelter he was basically labeled as un-adoptable due to his high energy and lack of any training whatsoever. We could see in his eyes that if someone would just give him the chance that he could be a great dog, so we gave him that chance. It took me only 7 months of loving, caring, patience, time, and energy to turn him into the GREAT dog that he is today! If everyone would just do that and make that commitment, there would be a lot less dogs that end up in the shelter like Reggie did.
This is Tiger. He is a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. I rescued him from the SPCA, he was a bait dog. He has his CGC title. His NGC, 4-HANS, 4-HANJ for Agility. He is working on Dock Dogs titles right now and actually qualified for the eastern regional dock dog trial! along with that he donates his time to teach fire safety to pre-schoolers and loves boogie boarding, playing frisbee and lure coarsing!

I have completed three levels of the obedience school.

Love to make new friends humans or dogs.

Love swimming and play ball


This is my dog Desperado. We are extremely proud of our boy, we've never met another dog like him. A true pit bull through and through. Desperado has earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen), he is a Canadian Rare Breed Champion as well as UKC champion. Desperado is now training in schutzhund and personal protection where it seems he's found his true talent. We hope to earn some titles in the future. Desperado is extremely intelligent, strong but gentle with kids, especially my 2 year old!
Thanks to Susanna for sharing this story:  I am 11 years old and help out at doggy daycare across the street and they own a pit, boxer mix. She is good natured and sweet and just a joy to be around she is funny and cute. She also is a certified therapy dog. And helps out when her owner helps train a therapy dog.  I just wanted to let you know pit bulls are a mistaken breed and can be wonderful pets. Punish the deed, not the breed!
"Pen": CH. UWP( weight pull title). Howard's Celtic Pengryf, CGC (twice), USTT (temperament test), ATTS (temperament test), 1 leg towards CD, Starting Rally Obedience

Accesa is a 2yr old APBT. She has her CGC title. We will begin working on TT and hopefully some Therapy dog stuff soon.
This is Stormy, INTL/UCI NATL CH Pirouette's Firestorm Voodoo Doll UWP RN TDIA THD CGC. Stormy is only 2 years old and is very active in therapy dog work with Alzheimers patients and children.
This is Charlie (Westside Mingus Dynasty TD). He got his tracking dog title at one year of age. He is currently working on a tracking dog excellent title.
HIs ambition is to be a champion tracker.

This is Inkwood Intricate CD (Cam to her friends). She is currently working on a rally novice title.
This is Zeke (Dragonquest Weyrmaster CD, TDIA).  He was nominated for an AKC ACE award in the therapy dog category.  He is currently working on his rally novice title, at age eleven.
Brandi is a pound rescue from Hastings, MI and is one of Stephanie loves.  Brandi is an American Pit Bull Terrier, and was rescued from the pound at approximately 1 year old, to become her mom's agility dog.  Within a short time, Stephanie  started showing her and last year they were showing in 4-H at the Adv. Grad. Nov. Obedience, Intermediate Agility and Champion showmanship levels. Brandi has her CGC & TDI. Our 4-H K-9 Klub has 3 pit bulls in our Klub and in the last 5 years we have  continually had 1 to 2  attend the Michigan State Dog Show as the only APBT's in attendance.  Stephanie is 15 and shows APBT's in 4-H and UKC, Arabian horse in Western & English Performance, Reining & Speed (Barrels, Poles, etc), and Brown Swiss heifers in Dairy in the Barry County 4-H program. 
Stephanie is pleased to be starting a ADBA reg APBT puppy for showing and therapy dog work. At a 1 yr 3mo., Ready already has 2 legs in 4-H Beginning Agility and several compliments on their tailwaggingly happy  heeling work (when they get long stays, the course will be theirs). 
Thank you to Therapy Dogs International for allowing Children/Dog teams and this child will make us all proud for many years!
Barry County 4-H leader
This is my dog ARSON.He is a reg. Therapy Dog with TDI.He also is a Weightpull Champion with the UKC,ADBA and is a regional Medalist with the IWPA.He has 2 CGC and many weightpull titles.He is my best friend and loyale companion....People just love to watch him work!
I have a 1-1/2 year old dual registered Amstaff/Pit bull terrier named “J”.  He has his CGC and is a Certified Therapy dog.  He works with kids at our Children’s Hospital and is great with them.  Every time we walk into the hospital and the kids know that “J” is coming the are eagerly waiting with excitement.  He loves children and helps to bring some positive press to the breed.  He has also won a Citizen Lifesaving Award where we live for coming to the aid of a lady being mugged at an ATM machine.






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