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  1. Dog Bites: Problems and Solutions A Policy Paper by author Janis Bradley Courtesy of Animal Farm Foundation

  2. My new Blog where I can really voice my opinion.  http://www.understand-a-bull.blogspot.com/

  3. Breeds that are currently effected by BSL in the United States

  4. Pit Bull Education Packet - 2nd Edition This packet is a one stop shop for fighting BSL.  It contains breed facts, BSL facts, heroic pit bulls and sample non breed specific laws.  If you are facing BSL, this packet is what you need!

  5. CDC Report Facts:   This contains quotes from the CDC and Doctors involved in the infamous fatal attack report showing the report is inaccurate and that BSL is NOT the answer!

  6. Setting the Record Straight! Pointing out inaccuracies in news reports and providing the correct Information


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