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To start, pit bull is not a breed of dog, it’s a term typically used to group 3 breeds of dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier (ABPT), American Staffordshire Terrier (AMSTAFF) and the

 Staffordshire Bull Terrier (STAFFIE).


The Pit Bull is probably the most misunderstood dog in the United States. People see them and cross the street out of fear and try to ban them from their cities. Why? Simply stated, lack of education on the breeds. The public only sees negative stories in the news. Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs in the hands of responsible owners just like any other breed. As with any dog, there will always be irresponsible owners and poorly bred dogs. That does NOT mean that all of these dogs are evil! The majority of domestic violence in the US is caused by men, are all men considered evil and dangerous, No. Then why would all Pit Bulls be dangerous because of a few bad owners? 

For hundreds of years Pit Bulls were bred to fight dogs, certain traits were bred into the bloodlines for that purpose, high pain tolerance, high prey drive, etc.  However a quality that was never bred into Pit Bulls was human aggression.    Human "aggressive" dogs were undesirable as these dogs required extensive handling prior to and during their fights AND most of these dogs were also family pets so no human aggression was ever tolerated.  Dogs that exhibited human aggression were typically killed, meaning that only human friendly lines were perpetuated and desired.

 It has been said that a Pit Bull never met a stranger.  They love and adore humans.  They want so much to be apart of your family and spend time with you watching tv, walking, driving, etc.  I have seen severely abused and neglected Pit Bulls who see you coming and they can't wait to be petted and loved.  Even after the abuse, they want nothing more than to be with a family of their own!  As with any breed there are exceptions to the normal temperament and behavior.  We see this in humans as well, there are good ones and bad ones.  










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