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A Note from the Webmaster~

 I started this website about 6 years ago when I entered the world of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).  While we have had pit bulls in the family for about 8 years, like many owners, we had no idea what BSL was until it came knocking on our door.  

 I was thrown into a large fight to keep my rights to own the dog of my choice, and to educate people about dog breeds and good dangerous dog laws that are non breed specific.  When I started doing research on BSL, I found there wasn't a lot of solid information available on the internet-- ideas for fighting BSL, reliable research, etc.  So the idea of Understand-a-bull was born.  I started gathering information, writing pages on how to fight BSL, listing resources available, adding links to information, etc.  Soon I had a website that has continued to grow over the years and will until there isn't a need for the site.

 While this site is geared towards the bully breeds because that is my breed of choice, we fight BSL regardless of breed.  Pit Bulls are NOT the only breed affected by BSL <see a list>.                        

            ~ Marcy Setter





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